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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
With all due respect to our friendly chum Achemar,I've seen plenty of examples of this;though I understand why many folks identify with a certain political party,some folks take that to embarrassing extremes.Won't waste too much time discussing how the 2 big parties in the U.S. scheme to prevent any others from challenging their stranglehold but,as you can figure out,that not only limits choices it also produces candidates who are FAR less well-rounded.I've known some religious types who automatically voted for the GOP,and I've noticed some black-Americans(and many US Latinos)who don't even do one iota of research before voting for the Democrat;i.e.,if you somehow doctored the ballot to place a Ku Klux Klan member or a child molestor in the Democratic column,THAT'S whom they'd vote for

The other interesting point you touched on was the awesome power of the visual medium....IMO,behavioral psychology is the only branch of psychological studies that is a legit science because it is based so heavily on observed empirical data instead of empty conjecture and philosophy...and behavioral psychology shows that,though ALL of the media have the ability to strongly brainwash,the various visual media,such as TV,are the most effective.Even above-average thinkers can be unduly influenced there,and we don't need to mention what happens to the intellectually so-so or simpletons
Oh but don't worry, I am aware that Chrissie-fan's statement reflect the reality of many voters and that's why I wrote even if I agree that many people "have no idea what the're actually voting for". If I did not recognize this fact, I'd be worried for my sanity

It's nevertheless true that the results of an election include an arbitration between several factors. More often than not,the simplistic interpretation of media fails to discern the fundamental elements that have influenced the choice of the population.
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