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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Jimmie48 View Post
Okay, you obviously have huge issues with him and I don't really want to get into that, just to explain why Germans like Barack Obama so much:

Due to our history, far right & conservative political views are very, very unpopular here. For example, Germany is pretty much the only big European country that does not have a far-right political party of any significance. The only such party that exists is a miserable outcast nobody votes for and if you'd say publicly that you do people would probably spit on you. Rightfully so since they`re disgusting scumbags.

Issues like abortion, gay rights etc. are non-issues here, people don't understand why Americans are making fuss about it. So if Barack Obama comes out supporting gay marriage it's not some kind of sensation, people simply view him as sane...and that's why he's so popular here. G W Bush was loathed in Germany so people simply enjoy having a US President they can relate to. Another thing is that Germany isn't a very religious country, religion plays absolutely no role in politics... another reason why conservative Bible-quoting American politicians are mostly seen as weirdo clowns here and people prefer Obama.

As far as German's not knowing much about US politics, the media coverage of the elections was almost absurdly extensive here. There was months of coverage of all the primaries and five different channels covered the elections through the night. People were already complaining that it's too much. That dosen't mean that there aren't misconceptions about US politics...many people still fail to understand that American politics are much more right on the spectrum than German politics... the ruling conservative party in Germany would still be considered part of the Democratic left wing in the US. But still, Obama comes closest to what people consider a sane and "normal" politician.

I see that you have very specific issues with his politics that I can't comment on, you have to understand that blasting a 18-year old German girl for not sharing the same sentiments is somewhat silly. She simply see's him for what he is, an interesting and inspirational man and even though I don't agree with all his policies I would surely like to meet the man.
Thank you for your intelligent,reasoned reply,Jimmie

First off,I really wasn't angry with Annika;as you know,I have a tendency to exaggerate a bit sometimes and I was just having a little fun at her expense.I don't expect much at all from an athlete or,for that matter,from ANY celebrity type.Rather,I expect them to spout off ignorant nonsense and ideology that they probably gleaned from blogs and Facebook

You confirmed much of what I suspected;I know that Germans aren't a stupid people by any stretch(my great-great-etc. grandfather was a wagon-maker in Prussia,btw).It's more a case of what you described: They hold hatred for the conservative elements in US society,so they support whoever opposes such philosophy...and don't really pay close attention to whether or not he's honest or remotely doesn't matter too much,of course,since Germans have their own issues to worry about without focusing on American politics.

I'll agree that his story is superficially inspirational when you study the history of oppression of negro-Americans,and the guy truly is an amazing speaker,one of the best I've ever seen at brainwashing the feeble-minded.However,when you strip away the glossy show,he's as empty as that guy behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

You're a smart fellow,Jimmie,so Common Sense would tell you that,when you already have an economy in crisis,you don't run up a 7 trillion dollar spending deficit when you have NO HOPE of ever paying off such a staggering debt.It's simply a matter of time before even the PRC cuts off the broke US from any more sugar-daddy loans...and then the 'great empire' will suffer an embarrassing,total collapse and become a larger version of Greece...but the shit bag doesn't care,though,cuz he's financially set for life and he'll probably move overseas when things REALLY deteriorate

Though there's a sort of dark pleasure in watching the gringos destroy themselves on a grand scale,reality soon sets in as I know that,unless we develop a self-sufficient economy here in Mexico,we'll suffer awful ripple effects when the US falls....but I'll close by reminding you of your own experience with 'malandro'.I'm sure that you didn't enjoy being physically attacked,so how do you think I feel when I see a three-year-old girl gunned down just because her mommy works for the prosecutor's office??The US Attorney General is a walking pile of goat smegma--and close o-BUM-a friend--named Eric Holder,and he's made it abundantly clear that he's not going to prosecute US assault-weapon sales to foreign countries...EVEN IF THE ARMS DEALERS KNOWINGLY SELL TO NARCO LORDS(who knows what amount of kickbacks he's getting from the arms dealers??).He doesn't have a massive security detail like the president does,so poetic justice would be having his car break down in Juarez during a visit to my country.Though I could bitch-slap him all by myself and force him to polish my knob from his knees,it wouldn't be fair if I denied mis paisanos the satisfaction of taking turns as we slowly beat that waste-of-life within an inch of death...and then hung him from a lightpost with a message staked on his chest for the US Gov. to read when they dragged his worthless carcass back across the THAT would be justice

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