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Re: Limit the number of foreign tennis players on womens teams

Originally Posted by Tennisdude1 View Post
The NCAA needs a limit on foreign players in women's tennis. Why would you need more than two per team? When they forced colleges to provide equal opportunity to women in college sports, I'm pretty sure they meant American women or at least residents of the US.
If you want more American women to play tennis, make it worthwhile to spend the hours and money working on their game. There's got to be a scholarship available at the end.

There is no significant money made for schools by tennis. It is mostly by men's football or basketball. If you have to spend this money on women's tennis, at least make it American women.
Thank you Mitt Romney.

Earn it... your girl ain't good enough but you want a free ride anyway.

How's your business doing competing against int'l market places right now? Oh darn, people are buying your product because they can get better from overseas.

If you are not 'at minimum' top 100 on the Tennis Recruiting list, you should not even think you can get a scholarship and coaches that are giving them are not really trying. 1 in 1000 beyond that can play and win at any decent level vs Top 100 schools.

So you think all the schools should just roll over because you have their are below average AMERICAN girls entitled to free money? I would say they have no special skill and are no more entitled than the other non-athletes working at Starbucks to make ends meet.

I suppose if you are avg to below avg at your job they still keep you around?

This post is EVERYTHING that is wrong with US junior tennis (families).
Spoiled entitled families (98%) that somehow think they are owed scholarships because Sally or Betty can hit a ball but barely beat anyone?

What are you gonna do when Cal and Northwestern don't call but Long Beach State, Cal State Northridge, Wichita State, Louisville and Houston call? Turn them down? Or act like most US kids outside the Top 100 and just ignore the call.

That's was all the Tan's and King's did. They'd take the Ivy financial aid before RETURNING a non-elite public uni's phone call.

This post is EVERYTHING that is wrong with US junior tennis (parents).
And exactly what the USTA is struggling against.
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