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Re: Photos of Petra Kvitova

Originally Posted by steni View Post
Does Petra gets pay for playing this extraligue thing?
I highly doubt it.

I'm sure it's servitude, I meant fulfilling both Cernosenk's and Petra's wishes.

That's what made it so ironic when she played so hard last year vs Lucie H. (and got injured), when Lucie was in much better tennis playing condition than Petra was at the Time. She played so hard to and wasn't getting payed for it. Why (Petra competitiveness and Czech, Team Pride, and Cernosenk commitments of course)?

And for the Czech fans: I'm not dogging any of your events or ceremonies. I understand why you would like them, want them, and/or see Petra play in them. However, it doesn't mean it would be best for Petra or that Cernosenk is not leaning on Petra to serve his own interest and not Petra's alone.

It just doesn't appear she has a free mind to choose what's best for herself, with out pressure or inducement from him, participating in an event that helps serve his interest. That's my main (it's been repeated before of course) complaint of their arrangement.

You think Vika, Serena or Maria would put up with an arrangement like this (unless it was their elder, respected relative or close family friend)?
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