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Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
I actually think that Petra is not being pushed very hard to play the Extraliga, she simply wants to play it. It's a decision made by a grown-up woman.

Tennis is an individual and selfish sport. This is a very rare opportunity to enjoy team spirit. While this event may not matter much to fans, it may be unforgettable experience for players.

'And I also have amazing memories of Prostějov. I won the Extraliga title twice with them. I always loved team competitions.'


No-one was forcing Martina to say it, yet she did.
Yes, you might be right, she actually wants it without being forced that much. In CZ there is a big tradition of team competitions - something which we know from socialism, where the team/collective were always the base - thats why we could get a lot of information about the team competitions in the socialism (Davis Cup and Fed Cup) or general events (Olympics) but none about the single tennis competitions because it was a part of the general propaganda here in CZ (collective/team was all, while tennis singles not that interesting to be televised or advertised).

Great example here:

US Open 1986 finals: "Martina Navratilova defeated Helena Suková" 6–3, 6–2 and "Ivan Lendl defeated Miloslav Mečíř 6–4, 6–2, 6–0" - all of them were Czechs or "original Czechs", but the 2 disciplined of them (Sukova, Mecir) were clearly supposed to lose, so nobody informed about it on TV that time although it was really a big success of the Czech tennis school. If the same had happened in a team competition at that time, it would have surely been televised with all the proper fame (Fed Cup final in Prague, where Martina spoke her legendary words to Czech crowd while being followed by the communistic secret police).

As I know Petra's family, her father is a proud Czech who always likes to see her being a part of the CZ team (if generally possible and Petra's health is OK). Considering Petra was educated and led that way, no wonder that she always wants to join the Prostejov's team in that Czech league final competition. As I told, the roots of this can be found somewhere else - perhaps somewhere in the the past.

I dont think, Maria, Vika or Serena would be that much interested to play some national league final if they were called on to join their team. They simply prefer the individual competitions while Petra likes both of them...
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