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Re: Mirjana's 2013 Down Under swing

Originally Posted by ajmo! View Post
I don't think much will change in her schedule. She'll probably go to Australia and play Brisbane and Sydney Q and AOpen MD. After that challenger in Midland, WTA Memphis and IW and Miami.
But it would maybe be interesting to go to clay earlier this year, even skip IW and Miami(yes, I know she won't do it, but she could). There is a WTA tournament in Cali(125k) and in Bogota, those always have extremely weak draws. and maybe to back those up with a challenger or two in USA and Charleston and fly to Europe after it.
She's better on clay than on hard in last year, in her career also( Rome SF, two WTA titles) so it could be good idea.
And in Europe she should play Estoril, Fes and such a tournaments if she's all about points, Yes, glamour is in Stuttgart and Madrid, but when you're around 100th in rankings, points and success are in Colombia, Morocco, Portgual...
I think you're absolutely correct about the clay strategy. It would be great to see her do something a little more "outside the box" in that regard. Those fast & medium fast hard courts should be so ideal for her big game, but the fact is that she moves much more fluidly on clay (surely because she grew up on it). Also, I think clay forces her to be just a little more patient ... To wait until "pulling the trigger" with her huge shots. Still, she practices predominantly on hard courts. Let's hope she starts the season with a fresh focus, hungry to hurt the other girls.

That training regimen has GOT to be giving her added confidence. Truly, I don't think she has ever looked more fit/athletic.

Whatever the case, just one lovely run early in the season could break her year wide open. I have always felt she is just so so SO close to the sort of "hit" that would propel her back to the Top 50. I do believe if she had beaten Vinci at W this year ... That would have galvanized her whole career. Getting to the last 16 of a Slam again.

Really hope she gets some traction early-on, as well as some nifty draws. Mostly, hope she has fun. She can be proud of her comeback, whether No. 50 in the world or No. 105. How many people on earth can say they were regularly one of the 100 best on the entire planet at their profession?

Mirjana can say it ... She has spent most of the last 2 years as a Top 100 talent in a very deep field. She can absolutely go higher. Good luck to her.
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