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Re: Gillette Federer Tour: Azarenka def. S. Williams 6-3, 7-5

Originally Posted by Jane Lane View Post
The fact that you believe a 31 year old, let alone one who's an athlete, would be soft and/or squishy.
Jump to conclusions much?

How long have you been watching tennis, and what makes you think that "soft & squishy" was what I was referring to?
Have you seen some of the younger players such as Hanchukova or Ivanovic, for example.
And there have been some rather large players as well.
I understand what you're trying to do here, so just leave it at that and move on before this takes a turn for the worst. It's quite fine if you can't comprehend or make the distinction between fit professional bodies or ones that aren't. But a 31 year old athlete that has maintained a great toned and conditioned physique at that age is something to behold.

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