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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by angliru View Post
Yes, they have the Elite Division. This year a couple of WTA top 100 players have participated (Mona Barthel and Johanna Larsson). Sofia Arvidsson also used to play (she did so last year).

Caro has also played in "Elitedivisionen" but that was many years ago.

They've always used mixed teams but in 2013 there will be two Danish "Elite divisions" - one for men, and another for women. This has caused a lot of debate in tennis circles in Denmark, and some clubs or members are protesting wildly. I actually thinks it's a good idea.
Well if they want to be serious about it and try to produce top players from the Elitedivisionen - they can't play around with mixed teams all the time at the expense of separate cutthroat men and women real competition. But I'm not surprised at the protests.

Just about any activity when you want to change something to improve or move on with the times or the technology - the leaders have do it. A mistake to go democratic and give the vote to the members. They always vote for the status quo and nothing gets done. Then you have to overturn the democratic vote a year or two later when you are in the stone age compared to everywhere else. And it's not just sport. All sorts of things.

I remember not that long ago a great fear of computers and scare stories and how we mustn't go down that way. Through private companies making the decisions - we have computers at home and they are thought of in the same way as a telephone or TV or washing machine in the past. Then there's CCTV - terrible things and protests at loss of human rights etc. The government too scared to be upsetting people and breaching human rights. What happens? Companies go ahead and install them everywhere. And a great thing they are and that they can identify and prevent someone doing something illegal and/or intimidatory.

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