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Re: Question about String Tension

wow thanks a lot for the very detailed reply...for some reason I didn't sub to this thread so I didn't get the reply in email....odd

So experience with diff strings at diff tensions huh? that will take's worth it eventually I guess

So are you saying prince syngut is the worst string nowadays? for some reason I liked them the most before..but that was 8 years ago. (didn't play much tennis in the last 8 years)

anyways I am pretty much just play tennis to get the exercise nowadays, can you guys recommend me a popular string for top spin? also for those top spin string....they will break easier since it's for spin? and for spin strings you wanna string it at the lowest tension possible to get the most racquet contact time? or that doesn't matter?

also what's a good string that's similar to prince syngut? (for baseline play and good playability for the string) if I get serious with tennis later I will try what you recommended...but for now I will just buy whatever you guys recommend

Also how long does it take for newly strung strings to settle in, so you can get a good feel of the new string? (or the old string you usually used, I used prince syngut and it doesn't really feel right....but the more I play I think it's getting better)

thanks again Aravanecaravan for your time and help!

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