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Re: Here we go again: Florida teen killed in dispute over loud music

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
This is precisely my point and what seems to be happening now.
And happening with legal authorities support.

There is a serious lack of concern for Black-Americans where the law is applied.
And this is a historical fact. Most White-Americans really don't care for the well-being of Black-Americans because, it's culturally ingrained, or institutionally ingrained.
Of course there are a sprinkling who do care, but are drowned out by those in power and who make these legal decisions.

Ultimately, White-Americans will have to become the primary victims before ANYTHING is done to curb this law. So I'm not holding my breath.
Personally, I believe that Black-Americans should also apply for gun ownership and begin the process of protecting themselves now.
Let's just see how well that goes over with Floridians and the legal authorities, shall we?

Seriously, this was a predicted outcome regardless of how one hoped it would initially turn out.
Originally Posted by Helen Lawson View Post
You're basing this on:
A black woman cannot use it against her ex
A white woman cannot use it against her ex
It's been raised as a defense in the killings of two black youths with no decision yet.

the bolded reminds me a bit of what i read and watched on documentary about the blood/crip war, where it wasn't treated as a big deal (the blacks were killing the blacks), until a white woman got injured...I'd hope it doesn't

SN: are there any free databases where you have access to US Case law?? I'm interested in looking up the cases where this law was used and the outcomes, but of course the only databases i have paid access to are UK and C'bean

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