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Re: Here we go again: Florida teen killed in dispute over loud music

Originally Posted by Helen Lawson View Post
If you search stand your ground and the name of the first Trayvon Martin judge and woman or husband, you might find the articles, the Orlando Sentinel was running a lot about the story because it was the same judge and they wanted to see how he treated the issue with her. Stand Your Ground is not real popular when the defendant knew the victim, there's sort of a presumption in everyone's mind that the killer set it up, too bad the battered woman got thrown out with the bathwater on that one it seems. It was meant to protect someone from having to explain and stand trial over a decision they made under stress in a few seconds on fight or flight, it was, in my opinion, not meant to apply to Zimmerman, and certainly not to the gas station killer.

People do run around killing each other in Florida, it's easier to (legally) get a gun permit than to get a driver license.

ah ok

that's a bit messed up though shouldn't it be based on the circumstances of each individual case? i think that's what is complicating these matters and making them more race biased than it needs to studying criminal law i agree with the "intent" behind the law as we can agree that there are some cases where a person can be convicted of a murder/manslaughter where their lives were in danger and they just acted, and, black or white, you don't want people under threat to feel the have no choice but to run and have to be wary of using deadly force in a situation where they clearly aren't thinking through things.

but it's now become hunting season where people who have an inherent fear of blacks, are hiding behind this to kill those they always wanted to get rid remains to be seen therefore how these 2 cases in particular go, as they could set a very hard precedent to get rid of

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