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Re: US X Factor 2012 (Chat Thread)

Originally Posted by Fretchap View Post
Yup. I find it ridiculous. Tate's performance of Living On A Prayer was baaaad yesterday.

And, I personally think that the vocals of Emblem3's were the weakest of the night yesterday in their unplugged version of Just The Way You Are.

It's down to the fan bases, nothing else.

EDIT : I forgot Cece's vocals in her Part Of Me performance Emblem3's either had the second weakest vocal performance or were tied with Cece for the worst one IMO.
this is exactly what i said earlier in the season when people said once people were gone, tate would start dropping because all the votes of the people who are voted off will automatically go to others and tate won't get any...tate will ALWAYS get the country vote, and that's a HUGE section that just isn't being split with anyone else...but no one took me on then tate going back to #1 isn't a surprise

and again i said that emblem 3 has the boy band thing going for them and the only obstacles, outside weak vocals, are an amaze girl and tate with his country vote....

notice the only people left are the 3 simon and l.a. fully endorse, in tate, carly and emblem 3, and 5th lack of harmony great moment in history when ce-flop was sent home

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