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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

Originally Posted by The Dawntreader View Post
There are inevitably going to be a huge number of ATP and WTA gays. It's naive however to not understand what the hesitations and restrictions are when it comes to professional sportsmen and women 'coming out'.

I mean look how shallow and vapid the media culture is over the WTA these days regarding grunting. If Female tennis players are scrutinised relentlessly over such irrelevant and trivial things as that, there is already a disincentive for WTA pro's to illuminate their private lives, especially controversial subject matters such as their sexuality, into the public domain. I don't think the press is that accepting at all. Look how they distorted Mauresmo's coming out.

For male ATP players, it'd be even worse. We live in a very pro-masculine society especially when it comes to spot, where gay men are often seen as disassociated from sports. They are often perceived as effeminate, and ultimately alien to these masculine grand narratives we see in sports specifically. I mean could you imagine if a top 5 ATP player came out as gay? The ATP that brands their players as warriors, promoting this robust, dominant image of masculinity, and then suddenly having to reconcile with someone not adhering to these ideals. Imagine the types of repercussions on the player, simply for addressing his own sexuality publicly.

It doesn't just happen in sport either, but it's the most glaring and disturbing example of self-suppression of sexuality, purely because the culture of sport is so crude and brazen with stereotype.
I understand what you are saying you make a cogent argument but I also think it is incredibly sad. If NOBODY does nothing then NOTHING will change. Look at the African American civil rights movement or the feminist movement in America if people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Betty Fredian, said NOTHING or DID NOTHING where would we be?

If lesbians tennis champions like Martina Navratilova or Billie Jean King did NOTHING where would women in pro tennis be? King started the WTA and now it is the most successful female sport on the planet and the highest profile. If feminists and civil rights activists did NOTHING we would be in a terrible place.

Someone has to take a stand and BE a brave pioneers on the ATP TOUR. Because if nobody does NOTHING it means the status quo reins supreme. I honestly think the gay guys on the ATP TOUR are afraid of the unknown. Nobody has come out in men's tennis so the silence and shame just continues.

Also I think if a high profile gay ATP player came out he would have more opportunities to make MORE MONEY he would get MORE PUBLICITY and FAME.

Look at Frank Ocean he was underground and now the guy has a hit album and six Grammy nominations. Frank Ocean is now a huge star because he came out in hip hop.
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