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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

Originally Posted by Morrissey View Post
Amelie Mauresmo did not lose any endorsements when she came out in fact she is a hero in France for being the first French woman since the 1920s to be Wimbledon champion. Mauresmo is adored in France and respected by the French people. Yes, money or the fear of losing endosements could be a reason top players remain in the closet. But if the media found out, wouldn't that hurt a company that would strip a player of endosement money by coming out? I have to believe in the year 2012, a company that would cut ties with an openly gay player would get bad press.

It does seem like everything is going in reverse on the WTA. Notice the recent WTA championships and all the top 8 players getting their makeup done, wearing gowns ect. Back in the 1990s, at the WTA championships I don't think they did that. This whole glam thing is new, to indicate to the audience that these fit female tennis players are still feminine and still can present a heterosexual image to male consumers. I find it odd that the WTA is trying to appeal to heterosexual men and not appeal to straight women or the gay community who support women's tennis.

Also, there is a current tennis champion top 10 player on the WTA who is a lesbian everyone knows she's gay she lives in a glass closet. This particular top player isn't hiding she's got a girlfriend she simply doesn't feel the need to come out which is disappointing I believe.

And it makes me wonder, why it is so easy to identify the lesbian tennis players yet on the ATP Tour the general public is lead to believe all the top guys are heterosexual and have model type girlfriends. There's got to be one guy in the top 20 who is gay or bisexual.
Actually I think Amwlie got so famous because of that!
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