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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

Originally Posted by markdelaney View Post
I agree with this.

It's crazy to use percentages to say that 1 in 10 men are gay so 10% of all male tennis players must be gay. It figures that if more than 95% of men who are fans of the eurovision song contest are gay ,so in other walks of life it might be less than 0.1% .

But getting to the point, does anybody really care ? These people play tennis and who cares if some might be gay or not ?
The point is it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE that there are no gays in the ATP and WTA top 100. These gay tennis pros exist it is a fact of life.

You may not care but people DO CARE. And why shouldn't we? The public seems to care about the love lives of the heterosexual tennis players, so why should the gay tennis players live in silence and shame? The media focus the cameras during tennis matches on the wives and the girlfriends or boyfriends of the straight tennis players. Why can't the gay tennis pros get the same respect and courtesy? How many times have you watched a tennis match and the media talk about the spouse or partner of the heterosexual tennis player. Straight privilege is all over the place that it becomes second nature people don't notice it.

Your comment is a generalization to be honest. The reason lesbians have it easier than gay men to come out is heterosexual men are more fearful of gay men than lesbians. Also, women in general not all women but women are more likely to be open minded about homosexuality than heterosexual men. So, it is easier for a lesbian tennis pro to come out that's why the general public KNOWS about the lesbian tennis champions.

However, since men's tennis players although an invidiual sport are around heterosexual men these straight men KEEP the gay men in the closet and in check. The homophobia in men's sports is extreme the heterosexual men are so fearful of gay men and make the climate in the locker room so tough that a lot of gay male athletes choose to remain in the closet. It would take a very courageous, and a very brave gay male athlete to come out like the Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz. Crus is ranked number 4 in the world in the featherweight division. Cruz got a lot of hate on the internet but he's gotten mostly positive support from boxing fans and the media after coming out. Many people were surprised that a gay man can succeed in boxing which is a very macho sport.
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