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Re: Ana Ivanovic's Dramatic Weight Loss: Any One Concerned... Yet??

Originally Posted by ivanban View Post
The strangest thing for me is that in Serbia no one seems to be niticing her problem with weight loss I didn't see any article in press or on TV about it

Serbian journalists must be the most gentlemen in the media world as they master nicely the gentleman's rule " Never bring up the 3 issues: personal weight, age or money when talk to a lady" .

Generally, losing weight is still considering an achievement since it means they can be fitter,stronger and faster ( as opposed to fat, weak and slow). The clear example is Mardy Fish on the ATP. However, getting to the point that your arms are stick-like like Gisele Bunchen, Moss or Ambrosia is more fitting for those sitting in the offices and typing, not for athletics who banging at the cannon balls flying at them.

I seriously hope someone will feed Ana some steaks in the off season.
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