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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

Originally Posted by chuvack View Post
Morrissey ignores the basic observation that, by nature:

1) Lesbian women are inclined toward sports, while

2) Gay men are inclined away from sports.

This creates a big selection bias in the tennis player (and all pro sports) sample.
Given that half this board is gay males, I think that puts the notion that gay men are inclined away from the sports at rest.

What is true is that the macho heterosexist culture of professional sport makes it difficult for gay men who are into sports to pursue sports as a career and maintain their sanity (and most learned this probably via the high school gym culture), and those who do do not choose to come out. I think it's also more likely for gay men to pursue individual sports rather than team sports for a similar reason.

Besides your reasoning is circular, since your "evidence" for gay men not liking sports is presumably that there are not many out gay men in professional sports. I can only guess what other arguments you might make about race and gender, without considering socio-historical factors.

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