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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by honzaneumannn View Post
Correct. She surely wants to win something big in the next season and I am pretty sure she wanted to do the same in the last one. Taking into consideration, she wasnt that successful as expected last year, she is trying now to hide her (surely not so small) expectations and not speak about it openly. A good strategy: media can sometimes be very unpleasant to remember her about what she wanted and did not manage to do for several (critically examined) reasons...
This is all true.

However, many times Petra is a CONFIDENCE Player and her level of confidence is determined by her level of play.

Sometimes you JUST want to hear Petra speak very strongly about herself, just so WE and PETRA knows she has SELF belief. She doesn't have to say anything crazy. They're ways of doing/saying it. What is Petra's base feeling before she ever enters a court?

It just makes you wonder if Petra really has that believe in herself--if she's not playing well to overcome and highly achieve (especially against a top flight opponent)?
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