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Re: US X Factor 2012 (Chat Thread)

Alright, so I'm pretty sure that CeCe and Diamond are going home.

Diamond singing Diamond sounded pretty average IMO, even if I loved the fact she came down from a diamond.

CeCe rocked that Gaga song, and it proved she actually can sing when she tries hard enough. Not going to mention the Katy Perry thing though. That was pretty bad.

Emblem three were average, and I truly believe together they're the worst vocalists left in the show, not CeCe but whatever.

Fifth Harmony sang Demi's song really well, and it finally felt like a really good performance with a song which I'd believe they would write/sing.

Tate has no appeal to me whatsoever, but he seems big in the US so His Bon Jovi cover was pretty bad though

Best bit of the show was Demi ripping into everyone. "you sounded like the Jonas brothers from 5 years ago" DEAD. Even Britney was DEAD.

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