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Re: Bonus points change for 2013 - a poll

@ coolfish1103: thanks for your suggestion. Something similar was posted in the discussion threads by SamR03A (Haakon), but his idea centered around limiting the number of players that would get points in each round. The goal, however, was similar to what you have in mind, to reward more generously the number of correct picks, and not as much wins in advanced rounds. We decided, however, to go for something different, although in a similar direction - to make big tournaments more important than they were so far, which will be something interesting to try in the coming season.

If I understand correctly, you suggest here to abolish bonus points completely and just multiply tournament points with 1,5 for IS, 2 for Premiers etc.? If that's the case, the idea is interesting, but I see one possible problem with it. See, with tournament points we often get ties, which are resolved through guessing the number of games etc. If your idea would be implemented, these ties in points would also transfer to the ranking list (cause - example - 40x1,5=60 so if several people would have 40 points at the end of an IS, they'd also all have 60 points from that tournament). This would increase the risk of having ties in the rankings at the end of the season as well, when top 8 have to qualify for the YEC.

I'm not saying the whole idea is bad, just that you maybe haven't really thought everything through. Of course, whenever you have an idea for which you think that it could improve the game, feel free to post it in one of the discussion threads
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