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Re: Cities with the world's best quality of living - Mercer Quality of Living Index 2

Originally Posted by shap_half View Post
Sorry I wasn't clear. I don't really mean just Europeans - this is more a white/non-white situation. Yes, I understand that there are social and cultural issues everywhere. But the instances where a non-Westerner/non-white traveler faces issues with xenophobia are can't really be compared with the reverse. White people and Westerners are mostly prized when they go out traveling to non-Western/non-white destinations. Regardless of what drives these experiences, there is a difference.

As an American, I reckon that I may be wired to think that even the littlest things can be a sign of racism, but this is not one of those instance. You've obviously dismissed my claim so I'm not going to make a big to do about it. It is what it is. I didn't mean to suggest that you're a racism, but not everyone is like you. And generally, I try not to pay attention to things like this as my desire to travel trumps whatever issues I may face while doing it, but xenophobia in Spain and Italy exists.
Shap Half, no need to defend yourself. I'm white so I've never personally had to endure something but I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and based on my experiences the people in Italy and Spain are by far the most racist. Many of the people I've spent time with there don't look at Africans as equal, they really don't. Both countries have other amazing qualities but the level of racism in both places is stunning.

Either way, this list is ridiculous. They have Atlanta and Dallas listed as having the best infrastructure in the United States which is measured using traffic congestion and public transportation. Uh, no

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