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Re: Here we go again: Florida teen killed in dispute over loud music

Originally Posted by LBV. View Post
Racism is a psychological disorder, I think it really needs to be studied and classified psychologically as such. A worldview that allows you to fire 8 times into a car with four teenagers, feel no remorse, and go back to your middle class existence like nothing happen before being apprehended. Racism makes people lose their humanity.
It's possible that they take the same line of approach from cops around the country.

And I agree that such a remorseless act extends beyond the scope of solely racism, and certainly borders on a psychological pathology.
Again, I believe that many cops suffer from a very similar pathology, as many are ex-military, or are driven by extreme or excessive ego, or illogical sense of justice.
Not all of course, but far more than I believed.
It would be interesting to discuss these possibilities with their department psychiatrists. But I seriously doubt that would ever happen.

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