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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
I thought he was still "active" as a wrestler but now he's suddenly a physio coach? this part sounded strange to me, usually they take a break or something. I have no problem with who he dated before, since "sport world" is small and once upon a time you end up with someone on your team or dating who dated another person you know or was close friend. You missing the point about him being friend of Lucie, the point is that CR has small reach and failed to get more 'experienced guy' even if he is Czech, basically either CR keeping things to his people or he failed as a manager because he actually can't get more 'respectable' people to jump on Petra's wagon and that's why he goes with his pals.

btw, scrolled through article, yeah he was a wrestler, so my info was correct.

That was my point earlier Shifty.

I had said, "unless you're telling me he's the best Physio guy in the Czech Republic, why would I want someone that dated Safarova?"

Basically, what I was saying was, "once again, Cernosek picks someone from his group, rather than someone more qualified". Picking on the "Lucie Factor' just drives that point home, and makes it more strange and comedic (i.e. making fun, questioning or 'pouring salt on the wound').

Don't worry, we were both saying the same thing.

Saying, "if I was Petra, I wouldn't Pick him", was basically me saying that YOU KNOW PETRA DIDN'T MAKE THIS CHOICE.

Of course we know there should be other, broader choices outside the Cernosek circle within the Czech Republic or around the world/WTA-ATP circles, than a failed or retired wrestler.
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