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Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
It's not weak clinches since most stuff about "chance or no chance", "owns", "home team or road team" etc. comes from what statics and record says with backing up some of those by Vegas odds or NFL Power's not fantasy football and stats do lie sometimes, otherwise it would be boring when you know for a fact who and how would win.
Your last comments redeemed your post somewhat as you admitted that only nerds and semi-knowledgeable fans rely on stats.....Las Vegas is often a joke in terms of reliability;I recall when they made Denver the favorite for SB22 even though their defense was hopelessly overmatched...and then proved it by getting killed.

You speak English fairly well for a non-native speaker,but it IS a weak cliche to over-use words like 'own' and 'writing off',and a lot of folks just throw out strong words to get attention.An intelligent football fan...not even a maniac who forgets his gf's/wife's birthday,merely a normal guy who's informed...can make the distinction between saying,'GB should be favored and will probably win' and 'Thr NYG have NO chance in that game''s simply a question of thinking critically before one speaks or writes......We all fail that test on occasion,but some folks do it constantly or almost always

And I'm off to work,so we'll continue this later(big wave)

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