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Re: Ask Nazzac

Originally Posted by Natural Joe View Post
Your favorite band/musician?

Do you like maths?

What do you think of Man City after their poor performance yesterday?

If you could meet one of your faves in person, who would you choose?

Have you ever met a tennis player in person?
1. I don't really have a favourite band/musician. But i like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Tears For Fears. I'm not a guy who is into particular artists.

2. Not too fussed with Maths. I was pretty good at it (got a B at GCSE).

3. City seem to struggle when teams go at them. City like to press the opposition back, and play their football by passing it around outside the area until there's an opening. It hasn't worked in Europe because teams like Dortmund, Real, Ajax have come at City from the first whistle, not allowing them to play their game. Also, I think that Top German and Spanish sides are just superior to top English sides. This years Champiosn League is showing the poor quality of the EPL in comparison to other leagues.

4. I would love to meet any of them. Jo and Juan mostly though because they are my 2 favourite players. Both seem like great guys too. I would love to meet Slava too, because i have heard she is very ncie to people who approach her.

5. Nope, not yet. Plan to next year though

Originally Posted by Big_Nana View Post
missed it

well, no, it's not Shanghai i'ts not fair though, you should answer

tbh I always had a spot for Zola, if someone asks me to choose a CFC player (former or not), because he comes from my homeland. Magic Box
Well tell me who it is and i can answer

Yeah. I also really liked Zola.


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