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Don't know which specific people you listened to,but only a retard would've 'written them off' vs. GB in a home game.GB had been on a winning streak,but their defense is very suspect and they have major pass protection the NYG were playing at home and desperate to break an ugly losing no intelligent fan would 'write them off'...maybe some barely-competent,mannequin studio host....I can see where some one might have made GB the favorite cuz of their previous winning streak,but NOT a decisive favorite

As for the SF game,lots of folks probably thought that SF would be fired up to get revenge,but Harbaugh did a poor job of mentally preparing his team for that game plus he was outcoached during it(he's still fairly 'young' as a pro coach,and he's proving that with how he mismanages the QB situation,though he's done well overall).Smith played his worst game of the year by far and put them in an early hole,and SF is not a catch-up team,really.

Again,you're using weak cliches like 'own',probably from reading too many blogs and not looking for the REAL expert opinions.SF and GB both beat NYG last year and,if I recall,GB won IN New York,so that's a pretty piss-poor example of 'owning' SF outplayed NY for most of that playoff game and came within a hair of winning.....As I pointed out earlier,NYG's defense was lit up in 8 of their 12 games so far this year,and 2 of their 4 GOOD games came against younger,green QBs in Newton and Griffin(that is,the first matchup in NY).....That's the marked difference between this team and their 2 title teams...and I'll remind you that they've only won those 2 rings in the last 21 years,so it's not as if this bunch dominates every postseason

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