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Re: Off season can't solve a problem unless you first admit you have one. It's the first step. The fact that Ana didn't gain, not even 1 kilo in past 4 weeks , tells us that she has no weight-loss problem....Her fans do...What she said about it?

"I don't feel that i've seriously lost weight...I was traveling a lot (unlike in previous 9 years?), i experienced some stressful situations and sometimes lacked quality food during my travels..." Because she played in Africa? ..When she traveled to war zones? ...Which tournament offered low quality food to players? ...I don't remember that she listed "a stomach virus" as a reason for her retirement or defeat...So much from a girl who wants people to tell her the truth...Because she can handle the truth, right?

What about Nigel? He went through this situation before...He remember those times when Dani got a new nickname -HAUNTuchova...Back, in 2003-2005 he insisted, that with Dani - "it's all a matter of finding the right balance between eating and exercise..." Oh,...he also said then: "She is not anorexic...but she is burning more calories than she is taking in. Young girls - they see fashion items which to wear they must not be a couple of pounds overweight."...It is good to know that Ana has such a man in her team...a man who can address the problem...who wont repeat mistake from the past...a man who would tell her the truth...

How about her team? How come her parents didn't notice anything for 2 years? That Ana didn't gain weight since '10? That Ana can't gain a 1 kilo in off-season...being relaxed , with her best friends and family? At home? Enjoying a " haute cuisine" and not some junk food she can get at Wimbledon, RG, in Melbourne, Rome and Madrid...Maybe they'll wait until she signs endorsement deal with some fashion giant?...Or they want to see how long Ana can live with weak heart and kidney...? With osteoporosis...bad skin, nails and hair...liver...the entire immune system...
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