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Now you're just using weak cliches: It's ridiculous to say that NOBODY thought the Giants could win...or that all the experts said they'd lose.....I recall SEVERAL people,including myself,who thought they would win.Maybe some ignorant,halfway-informed football fans thought they HAD NO CHANCE,but you're exaggerating to the extreme when you claim that 'nobody' thought they'd win.

You're being conveniently selective with your examples:the Niners are usually a low-scoring team--unless they score on defense--as we saw in bOTH games against the mediocre Rams.The Packers have had terrible pass protection all year,which left them vulnerable to to NYG's strength.....There are ample accounts of where the Giants were torched by weak offenses such as TB and Cleveland,and you were so desperate to boost them that you gave them credit for ONE HALF vs. the Skins...never mind that they got worn out and run off the field in the 2nd half,huh?.....And they were totally SMOKEd by Vick,Roethlisberger,Dalton,and TWICE by Romo.....If you do the math,there are far more examples where the Giants' D sucked than played well,and that's what we call a TREND

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