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Re: Random Posts/miscellaneous/anything Petra :)

You don't get it, it's not about past year vs this year, it's general notion towards Giants and their results, it was true when they won their first SB and it was even more true when they won second. I'm not denying that NYG are different team now and famous NASCAR package is not as fierce as last year. I'm talking in general, they always deliver when almost everybody wrote them off, especially nfl 'experts' and even some die-hard fans. let's forget about last year, this year almost everybody talking how awful Giants are or how they can't even stand a change against 49ers at SF but they destroyed them, then everybody started talking mambo-jumbo about NYG being great road team and that they usually lose at home, so they can't even possibly beat GB but then again they just beat them, yet they lost season opener to Dallas, my horrible Eagles, lost to Skins and they never beat Bengals at Cincy, tho they supposed to beat them. NY defense is not that bad when it counts the most, look what they did to GB, sacked Rogers 5 times, forced 2 turnovers, held GB to 0-2 in red zone, held them only to 10 points, only Seahawks at Seattle done better job defending against Rogers neither 49er, Arizona, Texans or Bears even come close to what NYG did and they defenses supposed to be better. Theirs 'bad' defense also held 49ers one of the leading teams in rushing only to 80 yard and combined for more than 340yds against TOP2 defense in the country.

In 1st half of Monday's game NYG were great on defense holding Skins only to 8 minutes in time of possession and on offense converting 8-11 3rd downs but in second half even on offense they were abysmal and managed to convert only 1-4 3rd downs and in 4th quarter Cruz was targeted ONLY 1 time. Cruz, 4th quarter and only ONE time when all they main guys are on the field healthy and Eli tries only 11 times to throw the ball, really?

Like i said before, NYG is strange team to me
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