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Honestly though, what's going on with Ana and her weight? She looks even thinner now. It honestly just makes me sad And it's scary to see. Like it's just not normal anymore. Those pictures from yesterday, what is that? That is not how an athlete should look like. She barely has any flesh on her arms anymore. I know she's supposed to have a training camp in Dubai to work on her fitness but honestly.. it's so bad now. No athlete would ever go down this route. This image just says it all..

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How has anyone in her team not noticed this? Surely they should have? Like what direction are they planning on heading in with her fitness tbh? It's crazy. This weight loss has ruined her. She barely has any strength to push off on her shots anymore. She used to stand up to the ball and deliver in the past, now she just muscles the ball and barely at that. And don't get me started about her fitness on court, and how she can barely keep up in matches these days
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