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Re: Serena noches yet another RECORD!

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
LOL. Sorry, but if you have allowed your opponent to get as close as one point from winning the match, it usually means that you play pretty bad.

Just one unreturnable serve, one netcord or one lucky shot that clips the line and you lost, whether being a mental giant or not.

It's obviously far more impressive to win slams without facing any matchpoint or even setpoint at all.

But I understand that it's still a few weeks before the Australian swing starts.
I was kinda casually reading this thread because RVD posted in it, & as a Williams fan, we have to read all the threads posted by other fans. At least it was in my contract when I signed on to this message board. Also, it's about Serena Williams, so I figured it would probably bring out the extremists from both ends of the spectrum. She's the most popular tennis player ever and probably the best ever after all.

I then, saw this comment, Petronius. I haven't posted and read in GM in a while, so you may be new or posting under another anti-Williams troll name, but I can't agree with your comments. There are nameless amounts of matches where an opponent has been down one point from losing and the match was phenomenal on both ends. Until I know your M.O. around here regarding Serena Williams will I bother going into detail.

Serena has been down matchpoints and has gone on to win Slams without losing a set, so she's good on both counts.

-one of those "bad" Williams fans that everyone keeps talking about


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