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Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
One thing that i learned about current NYG and Coughlin that they deliver when almost everybody wrote them off
WOW! Normally your English is pretty good,but you're just not comprehending this simple message: THEIR DEFENSE SUCKS!!They won previously largely because they had a strong defense...AND THEY DON'T HAVE ONE NOW...It doesn't matter if they won from the wildcard position previously as that has almost no bearing on THIs year's team.It wasn't magic...or some special mystical powers from Coughlin,whose most-talented teams in Jac. and NY bombed out of the playoffs early.

It's nice to have confidence in yourself based on previous success,but that hasn't won the Patriots any SBs for at least seven years now.....I'll say this one more time and,hopefully,you'll grasp it this time: I'm one of the fans who PICKED the Giants to win it last year b/c I knew that they'd had some injuries that affected their W/L they had that prior success with the same players.....BUT THIS YEAR'S TEAM IS DIFFERENT....those other Giants' SB winners didn't have lousy pass protection,a weak secondary,or a mediocre rush defense.....There's no mystique here AT ALL;it comes down to who executes best in crunchtime,and the NYG simply have too many holes.....I'm off to work

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