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Re: Serena noches yet another RECORD!

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
* I didn't write the article.
* I applaud my fav whenever she achieves or accomplishes a record/feat.
* I am a fan of Serena's, so why would I not be excited/happy when such achievements are accomplished?
* I did not make the comparison, nor is the achievement an empty one (as you are attempting to imply).
* Why do you have a problem with my happiness of my fav's achievements to the point of writing complete crap?

If your fav achieves or accomplished something great, will you then criticize your fellow fans for being excited/happy?

You're VERY weird.

Serena is also my fav, so of course I am also excited when she achieves any remarkable accomplishment.

What I don't do is I don't get obsessed with her all the time and not being overexcited about her like some other fans. As anyone can see, I don't write "complete crap". Even in my post, there is only one sentence in that long post that you can be offended with and whether it's true or not, that's totally arguable and can be judged by others, not just by one or 2 posters.

I was well awared that you didn't write the article, but it was your words in the title that " Serena noches yet another RECORD!".

The capital word and the exclamation mark showed excitation, so I didn't lie.

The word " RECORD" is wrong. There's no argue about it. Record is a barrier that people want to break and set to make for other competitors to aim at and strive for more. This is not a record, just a stat that happened when putting Serena's Slams under a microscope. So while this stat shows an admirable trait of hers, it's not a fundamental part of a tennis match, so when players out there about to win their Slams, they can't and won't set themselves to break this " record" as they'd better to avoid getting into the situation. Therefore, your title is wrong and would allow other fan bases to come in and bash Serena as it already happened with Petronius.

Anyway, I am not someone that nitpicks over an usage of a word to start a fight, as this is after all a message board, especially with my fellow fans, so cheer up, . The key thing was the inaccuracy in your title that could cause misunderstanding and that could ( and already did) start unnecessary fight as I mentioned earlier.

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