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Re: Serena noches yet another RECORD!

Originally Posted by dragonflies View Post
LOL, it's true what you said, winning a Slam facing match point( s) is certainly worse of an achievement than winning a Slam not dropping a set.

RVD is usually so excited to praise Serena at all cost, so he made a mistake as labeling this as a "record" as if Slam champions would have to try for more while it's obviously not that case. All champions would rather get to the victories not having to face match point(s).

However, this stats spoke about another vital aspect of Serena that not every champions have (ie Novotna, Kim, Kuzy, etc... to name a few) . That is the mental toughness and the ability to come back from the brink of defeat.

As Serena already has Slam victories while she won without dropping a set, this aspect would enhance Serena's dynamic range as a complete player. Serena saved most of her match points by calmly raised her games and hitting winners to get back into the match. Only a few Slam champions have been able to do that. Having match points against you in a big match under the eyes of millions people all over the world and thousands directly would have a big impact on the nerves and execution, so to be able to overcome that should be viewed as an accomplishment in term of showing your mental toughness.
* I didn't write the article.
* I applaud my fav whenever she achieves or accomplishes a record/feat.
* I am a fan of Serena's, so why would I not be excited/happy when such achievements are accomplished?
* I did not make the comparison, nor is the achievement an empty one (as you are attempting to imply).
* Why do you have a problem with my happiness of my fav's achievements to the point of writing complete crap?

If your fav achieves or accomplished something great, will you then criticize your fellow fans for being excited/happy?

You're VERY weird.

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