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Re: Rank the top 10 players from "BBB" to "pusher"

Originally Posted by The Dawntreader View Post
Absolute rubbish. Li for a start doesn't move half as well as any innate counter-puncher. A strong, powerful mover, but she's nowhere near as supple as Jankovic, Pennetta, Bondarenko, Myskina, post 2007-Demetieva, and nor is she as reliant on it. Her shot selection isn't anywhere near as conservative as a true-counter puncher, she hits with much more width, she goes for often low % shots (especially on her FH), her footwork is incredibly aggressive around the ball, and her instincts are to land blows as early as she can in the rally. Now this does not mean first-strike tennis in the ilk of Davenport, but it does NOT mean she's a counter-puncher. She's an aggressive ball-striker who can RALLY. There is a distinct difference and a fundamental gamestyle that isn't even related to a counter-puncher.

No counter-puncher would ever spray the amount of shit she can on court. The margins that a counter-puncher plays with are huge, relying on consistency off the ground and deflecting pace. Li can generate her own pace for a start. Do people really think Li was 'counter-punching' against Schiavone's junk and loop in the RG final? Or when she beat Wozniacki in Australia? Or when she demolished the ultimate puff-baller Radwanska in Cincinnatti? Or when she demolished Azarenka in the AO and RG in 2011? She was playing, aggressive, authoritative tennis that had the luxury of above-average athleticism to allow her to rally effectively. But that is not counter-punching. Counter-punching as a game-style needs to be the primary instinct of a player, not just one vague characteristic.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Andre Agassi
"But every sport improves dramatically every three-to-five years, and I think we've see that in the sport of tennis. These guys just keep getting better and better. There's no comparison between what guys are doing now to 10 years ago"
Originally Posted by Andre Agassi
"Listen, I could sit here and tell you that I'm the best of the best, but unfortunately, the best get better. That's just how it is. Speed, athleticism, change in technology, and why people don't come to the net anymore because of the angles that are created. It's a whole different set of circumstances out there"
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