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Re: Ask Nazzac

Originally Posted by Natural Joe View Post
Glad you like my questions.

Are you annoyed by tennis players making noises when hitting the ball?

Was it a good or a bad day for tennis when Murray won his first slam?

Are you for or against abolishing the let rule?

Why is Slava such a big choker?

Ace or return winner?
1. I don't mind it when it's not constant. On efforts i don't mind, but constant grunting is a bit annoying.

2. I don't think either tbh. I wasn't happy when he won the USO, as i dislike his game, but it's someone apart from the big 3 winning it, so it was good in that way.

3. Against. I think that if the serve is counted as in when it clips the net, then players may try to use that to their advantage. If the other way around, then a let that doesn't affect the ball movement and gets called a fault. I think thats a tad bit unfair. So keep the rule.

4. I wish i had a 100% answer to that Honestly, i think it's a confidence thing. When she was confident and playing well, she didn't really choke. When she lost her confidence, she started choking. I think she is mentally weak, not matter how well she's playing, but i think she's not as bad when she's confident and on form. I think she also lacks self belief, and that may play a part.

5. Depends on the server. If i hit a return winner on the Raonic first serve, then a return winner. If it's a return winner against Errani's serve, then an ace.


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