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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

It's also true that in various professions, various groups are over- and underrepresented, often as a result of bias, perceived opportunity, etc. Examples being in the NBA, blacks are significantly overrepresented, while in Fortune 500 boardrooms they are severely underrepresented. For any number of reasons, it's possible that lesbians are reflectively or overrepresented in the WTA while gay men are underrepresented in the ATP and other professional sports.

I am not suggesting that gay men can't be athletic, as obviously there are some excellent gay athletes. However, one could certainly see that hostility, the somewhat neanderthalic code of male sporting culture, etc. might discourage many gay men from pursuing any sport at its higher levels. This perpetuates the vicious circle, driving a less supportive culture for gay male athletes.

(And I'm not saying all straight men who play sports are neanderthals. I just know from having played sports and having sons who played sports there is a lowest common denominator element at work that makes it very hard for even straight males of a reasonably straight sort to put up with some of the crap that goes on in the locker room). At least IMHO.

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