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Re: Here we go again: Florida teen killed in dispute over loud music

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
I will never understand the inherent fear that people experience with young Black youths, who are not harassing anyone, to the point of lethality.
It's as if these offenders need to feel superior and see a right to let off steam in killing someone.
These were kids out enjoying one another's company.
Not threatening anyone.
And then to outright lie about these kids carrying a shotgun to feign justification?!

There are modified high-rise trucks with White teens in them blasting Rock-n-Roll music and no one bats an eye. So why the extreme hatred and fear of Black youths playing loud music? It's crazy!!
A family just lost a son, brother, loved one, over music?!
Such a sad culture we have here in the US.
You said it, chief.

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