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Re: Why do tennis fans accept lesbian tennis stars yet no one in ATP out of closet?

Originally Posted by Jimmie48 View Post
More interesting than the whole ATP thing is the other issue you`ve mentioned, how the WTA has actually become less accepting of lesbian players over time.
Do you talk actual things or just speaking out of your mind as usual?

And how is WTA's fault when someone like Hingis or Tipsarevic attacking Mauresmo? And what could/should WTA actually do? Announce "lesbian of the week" on their website?
It's absurd, the western world has gotten a lot more accepting and yet the world's most important women's sport association seems to be backtracking even though some of their biggest champions have been gay.
Backtracking how?

For some reason, lesbian tennis players don't come out anymore, Mauresmo was pretty much the last notable one. Of course, it is technically possible that since then none of the players have been gay but given the normal percentage among women that's very, very unlikely. There have to be at least 3-4 lesbian players in the Top 50 but they obviously don't feel like their surroundings are accepting enough to be open about it.
Bring the facts before, dont just throw around names.

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