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Re: Here we go again: Florida teen killed in dispute over loud music

1) I think this is inexcusable, even if young Mr. Davis traded insults with the shooter first.

2) I doubt that Dunn will get away with it. (He'll probably get between 25 years and life).

3) If he did it because of George Zimmerman, just who was the latter's role model?

4) While I'm sorry Zimmerman is out on bail, I still think he'll be convicted, my guess being for manslaughter. (Which carries a sentence of 25 years in FL, if the victim is under 18, as Trayvon Martin was on 2/26/12).

5) I'm amazed (not) by posts taking what his lawyer said about self-defense as the "verdict".

6) Its malpractice not to do a lawyer's best for a client, obviously starting with a Not Guilty plea.

7) If a defendant enters NO plea, the court automatically enters one of Not Guilty for him or her.

8) Anyone can assert a claim of having stood one's ground in FL and the other states that have such a law; with NO guarantee that it will work in court.

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