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Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
Weddle wasn't even aware of block since it come from his 'blind' side and all his attention was focused on Ray since he was almost in front of him, i don't remember exact 'wording' in rule book on this sort of hits, to me it was illegal hit of a defenseless player which is qualified as unnecessary roughness penalty with 15yard and fine afterwards or i'm mistaken this with late hit, anyway this could be avoided if Boldin stepped on the break a little or use his shoulder not the helmet first, this is the problem in today's nfl to me. Game would be over since i doubt Chargers would allow another conversion on 4th and long and i don't think Bears would try their luck once more, it would be wise to punt it to try to force turnover since it would be too long for a FG. Basically, few short runs down the middle and kneel down plays and clock milked away by Chargers.

NFL penalty policy is ridicilous from time to time, sometimes they overreact over nothing, Ed Reed suspension as example but sometimes miss some real hits or give 'softer' penalty\fine for them
The refs have some discretionary power on blindside hits IF the blocked player posed a legit threat to the hitter's teammate,and that was certainly the case on THAT play.The only argument in SD's favor is,as you said,HOW the contact was made.If done with the helmet,it's often illegal....gotta run to work

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