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Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
What can i say about Ravens? Ray Rice was awesome at crunch time but they were saved by missed penalty

btw, Steelers socked me, without Big Ben it's jockey of a team that really stinks, tho game at Baltimore probably would show real level of Steelers without Big Ben
In the back of his mind,Jim Harbaugh has some doubts that Kapaernick....or however the f--k you spell it....will be ready for the tricks that def. co-ordinators will play on the youngster in the playoffs,so it's wise of him to not push A.Smith out of the picture.The 49'ers are easily the most balanced team,off./def.,in the NFC.The Giants secondary is awful and will eventually get exposed in the playoffs.Green Bay's pass protection looks like a kindergarten fire drill...IMAGINE how many sacks they'd have given up if Rodgers weren't mobile,with a quick release to boot....The Bears are scrappy overachievers,but they'll hit the wall,as usual....Am definitely not a believer in the Falcons;they're a very good team,well coached and they have a few playmakers who step up at crunchtime...but I don't see them going to the SB...heck,they may even lose their first game again--they'll win it IF they get the right matchup with a weaker wild card team...just too many holes on that team,though

This is the Niners year...even if they face their recent nemesis the Giants again,I think they'll ignore this year's loss and recall how razor-close they came LAST year...and they'll pull through this time.

You're not making excuses for SD,are you??I'm not sure what penalty you're referring to,but SD deserved to lose that game after pissing away so many chances to clinch it...this after choking away so many OTHER games in the last 3 years.If they had ANY professional pride,they'd step up at crunch time just to silence the ridicule they've faced so much.The fact that they DON'T step up means that,by football 'karma',they deserve whatever happens to them....I feel sorry for Rivers on that sinking ship

No,the Steelers aren't THAT bad;that game with 8 turnovers was an ugly fluke,but it's true that they have a big dropoff when Ben goes out.Batch used to be able to do a lot more when he was younger,and Leftwich needs a spot with a team which has better pass protection.The Steelers' O-Line is WAYYY overrated and is a shadow of its former self...even last season it was target practice on Ben...and it's even worse THIS year.Sometimes,they can push around smaller,weaker defensive lines,but they can't run the ball--that is,whenever they're not fumbling--against stout defenses.Even the Steelers' D isn't as strong as it looks on paper.When they get pressure,they look like the old Steel Curtain at times;however,they get lit up by poised QBs who have ANY time to throw.FORGET Brees and Rodgers: The Steelers have gotten torched by B-plus QBs like Hasselbeck and Carson Palmer.....Having said that,they're a proud team that fights hard so they might reach down and find the resolve to beat us this Sunday

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