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Re: NBA thread 2012-13

Originally Posted by Dave Robertson View Post
They were cheap $15 tickets (on sale) but I had 5 people to take, so the price was right. Plus it was a last minute plan.
That's awesome!

I like the upper deck seats (first few rows) because they're steeper and you don't have someone's head in your face. Plus kids can see better for that reason.
I get too scared about falling to sit in the upper deck seats

Dumars swears this team has incredible potential and worked crazy hard this offseason, and I know they're in rebuilding mode so I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it's going to be another lean year. They have some very young players. But who knows; maybe it will be like the early 2000s when they were forming a nucleus.

This town is lunacy when things are good (mid-2000's) but as you can see, you could shoot a cannon through the Palace and they're discounting tickets. The new owner has to be a bit impatient and I wonder how long Dumars will retain his job...
The Pistons do have some good young talent. They finished last season at around a .500 pace after a horrible start, so I expected that to continue through this season. The problem with the Pistons is a lack of consistent outside shooting and lack of defense. Last year the Pistons were like 28th in defense and they're around the same this season. Detroit really could use a bigger guard because Knight, Stuckey, English, Bynum are all not really big. They don't have a defensive presence on the wing.

Drummond developing would be huge, too, because they don't have a rim protector. Monroe really isn't suited to defend centers.

Dumars hurt the team by giving the keys to Stuckey and trading away Billups for Iverson. That Pistons team was declining (the Billups-Hamilton-Wallace team), but the move Dumars made was a desperation move, Iverson ruined team chemistry and Stuckey got forced into a lead role before he was ready. Then they signed Gordon and Villanueva with the cap space they received post-Billups trade. And the Pistons haven't recovered. They don't have an identity as a team. But I'd like to see them good again and see people go back to their games. Detroit sports fans definitely are loyal to their winning teams.

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