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Originally Posted by ShiftyFella View Post
Football Sunday is on the way, so i make my 'expert' predictions

Minnesota over Bears, Saints over 49ers, Rams over Arizona, Chargers over Ravens(yeah, you can laugh but i think Rivers can pull upset)
The Chargers should've won...except they're the Chargers.When teams blow that many 4th-qtr. leads,we're WAYYY past it being 'bad luck'.The Chargers have simply drafted and acquired lots of players who fail to step up and make plays when it really counts,and that was abundantly evident on 4th-and-29.They aren't the sorriest team by a long shot,yet they're almost textbook Losers nonetheless...and having a choking spirit guide like Norv Turner just adds to the dark destiny

The Vikes are a mediocre team who has a chance to make some big strides soon...but they're not ready yet.Cutler made some absurdly-sharp throws that normal Bears' QBs have never made;the disparity in W/L record speaks for itself.Marshall is the only highly-talented Bears receiver,and I consider him overrated...he gets flustered when a physical DB bumps him and knocks him off his for the others,they can barely get ANY separation between themselves and the defense,so it's only Cutler's amazing throws that make any passing game possible...the TD toss to Spaeth was incredible,and you should catch it on replay if you haven't already

The Saints have awful pass protection which is covered up by Brees' lightning-quick release...a slow,plodding QB like Byron Leftwich would've been sacked about 75 times so far this season if he had played for the Saints.Their run-blocking sucks,too...and we don't even need to discuss how manure-ish their defense is.Brees and the top skill players on offense have made that team look better than it is;they'd be a last-place squad in the AFC North

What can we say about the Cards?Kurt Warner dropped plenty of signs a couple years ago that he was going to retire,and the Cards prepared for that by basically begging him to stay and not getting any reliable replacement.Can you recall seeing a wishbone college QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 10 yards with any accuracy---yet was FORCED to throw cuz his team had fallen behind?Well,many of the recent Cards' QBs have looked that pitiful and overmatched from the opening snap of the game....They've actually made some strong draft pickups of late,but that won't amount to anything unless the injured Kevin Kolb...or some unanticipated pickup...can truly lead them

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