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Originally Posted by Cajka View Post

This is for Serbian posters. I sent them a comment, but I doubt they'll publish it. Someone else should try to post it as well or we should at least bitch about it here, on Twitter, on Ana's official forum, what they're doing is simply lame and I think it's just wrong to ignore it and stay silent about it. Their trashy journalists will never stop bitching about her and writing lies until someone reacts. I know that many of you will say that it's useless or even retarded to try something like that, but many of us wasted too much energy on arguing with GM trolls, on arguing with other Ana's fans, JJ's fans etc. And this is affecting her reputation much more than posts from Kworb or IDK.
Wow, that article is unbelievable. Trashy beyond belief. at the Serbian press. Geezus.
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