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Originally Posted by ajmo! View Post
Sorry, why would she?
And who the f are you to be that judgemental?
Mirjana's not only one of the best Croatia tennis players in history( to be honest only Majoli is better), she's also one of best Croatian sportswomen in history. She won two WTA tournaments and 2 WTA doubles tournament. She's doubles grand Slam champion, reached final in mixed doubles in Wimbledon and SF in singles. During all that time she promoted Croatia, and those were the days when Croatia wasn't ''popular'' or know in world in the way it is today. When playing for Croatian representation she won 12 matches and lost only one, always fought hard.

And what was she actually given in return? half of the media was writing crap about her in the start of new century and she wasn't given any help to come back(to tennis or Croatia). Not from Croatia, not from Croatian tennis. And it's not that they weren't able to find her sponsors, they didn't want to.
Mirjana's personality, interests, life story are all more than atractive to sponsors but she was given no help. She made it back on her own, she's not one of the best today but who knows if somebody was there to help her in Croatian sport in 2004 where she would be today.
But no, nobody from Croatia helped her, second best tennis in history of our country and one of the best sportswomen in history( frankly I see only Janica Kostelic, Blanka vlasic, Sanja Jovanovic and few other as more sucessfull).
So please don't you say that we shouldn't mention her name because she's given to this small country more then you will ever give probably. And if she decides to play for the USA next year, go Miki (you should have done it before). But knowing her, I don't see it happening.
Keep living in your pathetic white and black world. Saint mirjana had chance last year and wasted it. Majoli will never call her again. End of story.
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