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Originally Posted by paulmara View Post
I watched Detroit Houston OT. It was a comedy not to mention Detroit´s coach.
Houston's best LB was injured and will miss the rest of the season because of some low-class,blind-side cut block that SHOULD be illegal.Even so,their best defensive back is also injured right now(though he's expected to return soon),so that largely explains their poor pass defense in these last two games--they're still an excellent team.Detroit is talented,too,but they have a track record of mental meltdowns,and their coaching & personnel staff is responsible for much of that.The coaches play a major role in instilling discipline,and the personnel department is supposed to draft players who are emotionally mature and,if they make a mistake with a draft pick,trade him to some OTHER team that welcomes dummies and will exchange one for a player of equal value.Detroit's head coach is a very good X's and O's guy but,as you saw,he allows his emotional tendencies to get the best of him.

Btw,are you familiar with the difference between Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling?Polar bears excel at both while walruses only participate in the former.There's a movement under way,actually,to have walruses wrestle SUMO style instead of Greco-Roman cuz they have limited use of their arms(flippers)

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