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Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread

Originally Posted by boomerangkid View Post
Though she didn't play Kopenhagen last years, it would be great coz I'd been there to watch her, too. Just checked flights to Katowice
But chances are very low we'll see her there. I bet she will play Charleston first week of april. Its one of her fave tournaments. But lets wait and see.
Its probably the year of some changes and it also depends on how her season starts.

Btw: @Mike: appreciate your last post. Sounds much better than some before, but get it, that normal people have not time to spend their time in panels, and others avoid GM. Better to spend free time outside with friends and active people who are interested in tennis also in tennis clubs So don't worry about the few freaks in GM. At tournaments you see how much Sabine is liked by tennis interested crowd and what counts most, by tennis interested young people
Don't care the internetjunkies without happy life!
I play tennis at least once a week, I agree it's important to get out there in the real world and be active and not just spend time in this virtual world. I get carried away with my passion for Sabine, especially on this forum because I feel I have to stand up for her when she's criticised. When they insult her behaviour, I'll share videos showing what a nice girl is, when they criticise her tennis and write her off, I will remind people of her potential, when they insult her looks, I will post nice pictures of her showing how pretty she is, but remind people it's who you are on the inside that really matters.

Maybe I place too much important on how GM views Sabine, I'm really sensitive to the criticism as if I was Sabine. I'm not her, but I have alot of compassion for her. Good thing she doesn't read these forums.

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