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Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Ziva View Post
it's a simple vote, the more he fights and comments with: "i love her so much, you have to vote for her etc" The only thing that happens is that people vote against Mike and Sabine

That's why i said, less is more
Have to agree, exactly thats the problem! Sometimes less is more
Most of the GM trolls probably don't vote against Sabine but to bother Mike and he doesn't get how he makes a fool of himself.

Unfortunately most of the gm guys have no selfconfidence and go the easy way... teasing Mike by bashing Sabine, thats childish but Mikes attitude (what's pretty odd for an adult ) invites trolls to troll around. But who really cares...

And Mike: I have no problem w. your admiration for her (would be hypocrisy), but sorry I find it creepy when you answer 3,4,5 times on one of her tweets ..

It's one thing to encourage her, say hello or answer her quest to the fans so she gets a nice feedback from different people but assail her with quests and say her what to do...thats inappropriate!

I just feel like a kindergartener explaining the three year old shorty to wash his hands after pee!
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