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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines - Begins Sept. 19

Lisa lost it already last week by voting with vote Pete/Abi, that was her last chance at winning.

Denise talked too much tonight, I don't like it when people make themselves too marked at tribal councils, I think short, polite but intellegent answers are better in the long run. It's not as if what she was saying wasn't true, it was, I'm just not sure it looks great in front of the jury.

Scupin was right not to jump, big moves are fine in moderation, too many big moves and you start looking a bit sketchy and untrustworthy.

Carter needs to make a move eventually, otherwise his overall gameplay will look shocking in front of the jury.

Penner doesn't have enough solid solid alliances at this stage.

Malcolm is still in the best position to win and then Denise thereafter.
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